• Pics from India

Pics from India

Hi readers!

As most of you know, I just returned from my 2nd annual teaching trip to Orissa (Odisha), India. Last year was my first time there and it was wonderful and overwhelming all at the same time!

[Interested readers can read about last year’s trip HERE, HERE and HERE]

This year I had a bit of an idea what to expect, as well as many of you praying for our safety and encouragement. As a result, the trip was incredible and it was so nice to be reunited with some friends made last year. They were so happy to see us and we were so happy to see them!

Many people don’t realize, but the Kandhamal region of Odisha/Orissa is where massive persecution took place just a few years ago after the death of a militant nationalist guru was blamed on Christians. I wrote about it long before I ever knew I’d be going to the very place where it happened and seeing the very village churches and homes which were destroyed with my own eyes.

This year, I taught on reading and interpreting (and preaching from!) the book of Revelation. It was a VERY condensed version of my DVD course and I left copies of that course with both of my translators in both locations.

Revelation was the perfect book to teach on in Orissa for two reasons:

1. It was written to persecuted Christians in the 1st century who were viewed with fear and suspicion by many of their neighbors due to them not worshiping the local gods


2. The pastors in Orissa had never heard the book taught in a meaningful way that they could understand and grasp its original meaning and the nature of its symbolism. They’d only been exposed to various “left behind” type approaches which were FAR from encouraging (and FAR from accurate!).

It was therefore a pure delight to help walk them through John’s apocalyptic epistle and help them hear the text in a way that does justice to the life changing message contained within its pages!

[Heads up!! For those of you in the Charlotte area who would like to know what we covered, I’ll be teaching a 6-week version of this course at Good Shepherd beginning just after Easter and would love to have you join us for it.]

My teammates, Brent Burdick and Talbot Davis, were fantastic traveling companions. This was Brent’s first time in India, but he was a pro, having lived and ministered in the Philippines for 20 years prior!

Talbot taught on leadership from the Old Testament Kings and Brent taught on the importance of emotional, marriage and parenting life of the pastor. All the sessions were fantastic and once again we had awesome translators to help us.

Here are some pics from the trip for those of you who have not seen my album on Facebook:

Arrival in Delhi

After dinner with our friends and liasons, PR and Anju

My old friend, the bucket-bath! 🙂

Back this year at Orissa Follow Up with our friend Bishop Hrudaya

Orissa (now called “Odisha”), on the Northeastern shore of India’s Bay of Bengal

The pastors traveled to Balasore from as far as 18 hrs (via bus) away and many slept on blankets on the chapel’s concrete floor!

Me and my friend and translator, Satish

My boy Asish mugging for the camera (and yes, that is Mr. Burns on his shirt!)

New friends at OFU

On our way to Raikia in the interior mountain region of Kandhamal (yes, that’s a cow on the median!)

At my friend Elias’ house in Raikia

The village church I preached in on Sunday (the kid on the hand drums was phenomenal!).

After the service…Can you find the guy who stands out in this pic?? 🙂

Our brother Sushant and his wonderful wife. They are truly wonderful people who have stood strong in the face of overwhelming circumstances.

Just some monkey’s chillin’ on the side of the road…no big deal. 🙂

At Gopalpur-on-Sea, Brent decided to wade while Talbot rode a camel. You know, just a normal evening at the beach!

Glad to be back with these brothers and sisters again!

Being welcomed (with leis, as is their tradition) to this year’s seminar

Closing prayer time

My friends Lindol and Tunu (my translator Rohini is also in there, but the window glare is hiding him)… see you guys next year I hope.

Our 14-hour flight over the pole…definitely my least favorite part of the trip. I think I watched about 6 movies, since I can’t sleep sitting up!


Please keep our friends in Kandhamal and all over Orissa in your prayers. They are amazing people who never cease to inspire me through their faith, devotion, humility and hospitality!



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