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The subjects of love, sex, romance, dating, singleness and relationships are always issues of contention among Christians it seems. We are shaped not just by our own experiences in life, but also by the cultural expectations many of us unconsciously absorb over the years (both within and outside of the Church).


The following resources are an attempt to help the Disciple of Jesus navigate the world of dating, marriage and sexuality in a way that does justice to the full teaching of Scripture and honors the Lord who created us “male and female, in the Image of God.”

To Know & Be Known: Forming a Thoughtful Christian Sexual Ethic (DVD)

When it comes to sexual ethics discussions there often seems to be either a “Separation of Church and Sex” where one’s sexual behavior has little bearing on one’s spirituality, or a culture of asceticism based more on concepts of Greco-Roman Dualism than on the Gospel of Jesus. In this DVD study, we seek to recapture the beautiful balance found in Scripture between legalistic and libertine approaches to human sexuality and sexual ethics. Rather than focusing on WHAT Christians should think about sex, this course focuses on equipping Christians in HOW to think about sex. Challenging myths and urban legends found within both Church and Culture, “To Know and Be Known” is an honest, candid, and unflinching overview of how our sexuality relates to our spirituality as men and women created in the Image of God.

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To Know & Be Known: Forming a Thoughtful Christian Sexual Ethic (audio)

Christian Dating Myths with David and JM (audio)

A single Bible teacher…a married Student Pastor…discussing the popular myths they encountered during their college days in a candid and humorous discussion with 20s-30s adults on the subject of Christians and dating.

The Song of Songs Uncensored (audio)

The Song of Songs…what is this incredibly erotic book doing in the pages of Scripture?! Is it really about sex? What does that say about God??

God’s Plan for Sex

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E-Book: Dating Discipleship: Essays on Dating, Romance & Discipleship for the Follower of Jesus

What is dating? What purpose does it serve for the Christian, if any?? How are followers of Jesus supposed to pursue relationships with members of the opposite sex given all the varying perspectives they’ve heard over the years from Christian authors, teachers and pastors–many of which contradict one another? How are single Christians supposed to maintain focus on their relationship with God as well as honoring the desire He has placed deep within them for marriage, romance, sex and lifelong companionship? What does the Bible have to say on the subject? And just as important…what does it NOT say?

In this Dojo Discussion, author/speaker/Bible teacher JM Smith presents a collection of essays on the subject of dating & relationships for those who take seriously both their calling as a disciple and as someone pursuing authentic romantic love.


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