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To Know & Be Known: Forming a Thoughtful Christian Sexual Ethic (DVD)

When it comes to sexual ethics discussions there often seems to be either a “Separation of Church and Sex” where one’s sexual behavior has little bearing on one’s spirituality, or a culture of asceticism based more on concepts of Greco-Roman Dualism than on the Gospel of Jesus. In this DVD study, we seek to recapture the beautiful balance found in Scripture between legalistic and libertine approaches to human sexuality and sexual ethics. Rather than focusing on WHAT Christians should think about sex, this course focuses on equipping Christians in HOW to think about sex. Challenging myths and urban legends found within both Church and Culture, “To Know and Be Known” is an honest, candid, and unflinching overview of how our sexuality relates to our spirituality as men and women created in the Image of God.

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The course also comes with a digital 50-page participant’s workbook which you can download HERE 

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