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Apocalypse Now??

What The Bible Says About the End Times


Are we living in the “End Times”?

When is the “Millennium”?

What about the “Great Tribulation”?

Who or what is the “Antichrist”?

Should Christians always support the nation of Israel in order not to be “cursed”?

These are questions that many popular authors and teachers have made millions off of attempting to answer through intricate colorful background charts, or fictional novels and video games.

But when it comes to what the Bible actually teaches about the “End Times”, too many people rely on a passage here or there paired with some current event headline by a preacher on television, radio, or online.

The result is a mass of confusion among Christians (and the wider culture as well!) over these things. Often, sensationalist voices carry the day and people view “the apocalypse” as something that will inevitably involve nuclear war, massive famine, a one-world government, and smooth-talking leaders forcing everyone to get microchips or tattoos on their foreheads and hands!

But does the Bible itself actually teach ANY of this?

In “Apocalypse Now?? What the Bible says about the End Times”, JM Smith guides students through the entire Bible and traces the overall themes and key points Scripture actually addresses. Offering a candid, yet charitable appraisal of various eschatological views Christians have held throughout history, “Apocalypse Now??” seeks to allow the listener to survey the positions and form their own coherent approach that takes into account the contextual background of the Bible’s end times message.

The entire course is available to stream or download via the links below. It is also available in audio CD format for those who prefer a hard copy or would like to give it as a gift to anyone they know who is interested in the subject of “End Times”!

Course Index

Week 1 – A Survey of The End Times
Week 2 – The Origin of Dispensationalism
Week 3 – Should Rapture Theology Be Left Behind?
Week 4 – So What DO Most Christians Believe Then?
Week 5 – God’s Plan From the Beginning
Week 6 – The Prophets and End Times
Week 7 – Introducing “Apocalyptic” Writings
Week 8 – What Jesus says about the End Times
Week 9 – What the NT Writers Say About the End Time
Week 10 – Heaven, Hell, Judgement & New Creation


I have been doing personal study on that subject for last 25 years. I had many, many questions which were not satisfactorily answered by preachers, teachers and pastors. I enjoyed JM’s class “Apocalypse Now??” and most of my curiosities have been resolved…He does extensive in-depth study on topics of the Bible which are controversial and avoided by preachers. I personally recommend his material to whoever wants to increase their knowledge of the Bible. He is a very able teacher who presents the materials for common understanding. I am very pleased.

J.R. Misra, FounderRice Curry and More (A Personal Chef Service)


Streaming & Downloadable Audio

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