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JM’s “Bible for the Rest of Us” was an excellent experience. It was better than some of my seminary classes. JM combines a heart for God and intimate knowledge of his word with a high capacity to teach with humor, wit and simplicity. Its a real treat for anyone interested in an approach to learn more about the Bible on its own terms.

Rev. Rich Tuttle – Pastor, Covenant Community Church, Asheville, NC 

Disciple Dojo Resources

The following resources were created for use in small groups, Sunday school classes or for personal study. As Disciple Dojo continues to develop more resources they will be added below.

All participant workbooks for DVD courses can be downloaded in PDF format free of charge in the Free Downloads section below. This is done in order to cut down on paper material useage (Disciple Dojo is unashamedly green!) as well as to prevent participants from having to buy workbooks at additional cost (or as I like to call it, nickel-‘n-diming small groups unnecessarily!)



The Bible for the Rest of Us

Does studying the Bible sometimes make you feel like a dummy? You’re not alone! The Bible is a confusing book. But it’s not just for scholars and clergy-it’s for the rest of us too. This DVD course takes a closer look at how to read, study, interpret and understand God’s Word more accurately and responsibly… [3 DVDs & Workbook CD-Rom – $50.00]

Bible For the Rest of Us is a challenging and thought-provoking course. JM’s teaching style is refreshing, and you’ll refer to your notes many times long after you’ve taken the class.

Kristy Tolley – Homeschooling mother, Children’s Book Author

 The perception in America is that Christians are products of a blind allegiance to the Bible. Unfortunately, this view is fairly accurate. BFTROU will change that. This course transforms a person’s understanding of the bible and will empower them to grow into more informed and educated believers.

Chris Macedo – Pastor of Worship, Good Shepherd United Methodist Church, Charlotte NC

Revelation: A Guided Tour of the Apocalypse

Revelation is easily the most widely-misunderstood and confusing book in the entire Bible. And for many, it’s the scariest! Is Revelation a detailed map of political world events that we are currently experiencing? Or is it a symbolic allegory describing the general triumph of God over evil? Or… is it something else entirely? [3 DVDs & Downloadable workbook – $50.00]

The Bible & Science: Friends or Foes

Are the Bible and science incompatible? Are the claims by skeptics that science negates the need for religion really true? How should Christians interpret Genesis 1’s creation account in light of such things as evolution and intelligent design? These questions and more are dealt with in detail in this 5-part seminar. [2 DVDs – $25.00]

Apocalypse Now?? What the Bible says about the End

What does the Bible teach about the End Times? Should we be watching events in the Middle East and using them to fill in charts, timelines or end-times scripts that preachers on TV and radio have been doing for the past few decades? Should Christians support the modern state of Israel as the Biblical people of God? What does the Bible teach about the Rapture and the Millennium? This is a detailed study of eschatology called “Apocalypse Now??” which was taught at Good Shepherd Church (www.gsumc.org) during the Spring ‘10 semester of PASSAGE classes. [10 Audio CDs – $35.00]

Audio Archive, CD’s & Mp3’s

Here are a collection of free downloadable lectures, podcasts and sermons (also available for ordering in CD format) on a variety of topics.

As a pastor for over 20 years I don’t consider myself jaded to the word of God taught by other teachers and pastors by any stretch of the imagination, but I must say it can feel at times like many of the messages I hear just run together. Not so with James-Michael Smith! Refreshing, cutting edge and thought provoking are just a few ways in which I would describe the deep and life-altering teaching he delivers to the body of Christ. In fact I have a list of my top ten messages and recently one of his teachings made it into a top place on my list and almost blew the lid off!  “The Woman, the Dragon & the Cross” message is a must hear. It rocked my world and I will never be the same again.   Give James-Michael a look.  You will not be disappointed.

Rev. Steve Wright – Pastor, Legacy Church, Charlotte NC

Online Video

Check out Disciple Dojo’s Youtube videos and sample clips from my DVD curriculum.

Free Downloads, Workbooks

Course materials for all Disciple Dojo DVDs can be found here, along with PDFs of a number of Biblical and Theological papers/articles written by JM over the years.


Disciple Dojo Books

Below you will find a list of Disciple Dojo books and ebooks on a variety of subjects. JM’s ebooks are available for immediate download through Amazon’s Kindle store starting at just $0.99! (And for those who do not have a Kindle reader device, you can still read them using the free Kindle Reader App available for iPad, iPhone, Android, Mac or PC. Just download the free app HERE and you’re ready to start reading!)

NOTE: After reading any of these books, please consider leaving a review on the book’s Amazon page. Word-of-mouth and favorable reviews are HUGE helps in getting indie authors’ works out to a wider audience!


Cleansed and Abiding: A Proposed View of Christian Perfection

Available formats


Digital version – $3.99 $2.99 (available at Amazon.com and can be read on a Kindle or other device (iPhone, PC, Mac, iPad, Blackberry, Droid, Windows Phone 7) using Amazon’s free Kindle Reader App.)

Be perfect, therefore, as your Heavenly Father is perfect.” -Jesus

Since He uttered these words, Jesus’ followers have often been quite puzzled over their meaning. How can anyone be ‘perfect’? Isn’t sin inevitable for all humans, even those who’ve given their lives to Christ?

Over the centuries various theologians from various traditions have attempted to describe what it means–and what it DOESN’T mean–to “be perfect.” Some Christians have claimed to have reached a state of perfection in which they no longer struggle with sin. Others have claimed that perfection is an unattainable goal so long as we are in this fleshly body. Cleansed and Abiding seeks to offer an alternative view of Christian ‘perfection’ than those which are commonly associated with the term.

Though this is indeed a controversial doctrine (and has been for hundreds of years!), it need not be a divisive one. Believers all agree on the reality of sin, the necessity of sanctification, and the fact that Scripture calls us to somehow be ‘perfect.’ How these are worked out in detail is where the differences lay.

It is for the purpose of clarifying the debate that this book is offered. Not every reader will be persuaded by the view proposed in its pages, but hopefully every reader will be persuaded that holiness is not some minor point of doctrine meant only to be pondered by theologians safely within the confines of academic debate.

Rather, it is the call of Jesus on the life of every person who claims to be His follower.


The following are “Dojo Discussions” eBooks, a series adapted from various articles and posts which initially appeared on the Disciple Dojo blog.

you WANT to be ‘Left Behind’!!:
Essays on the Bible & Popular End-Times Teachings

$2.99 eBook

$12.99 Paperback (also at Amazon.com)

“When Jesus comes to rapture the Church, you don’t want to be left behind, do you??”

The idea of believers disappearing from the earth in “the twinkle of an eye” in order to escape the “Great Tribulation” is one that has captivated the imaginations of many Christians over the past 150 years now. Multimillion dollar book, TV, video game and movie franchises have been constructed around this very concept.

But is it what the Bible actually teaches?

In this “Dojo Discussions” edition, JM Smith looks at various issues surrounding popular End Times teachings which many Christians take for granted to be solid, orthodox, Biblical teaching…with surprising results.

Could it be that when it comes to the return of Jesus, you actually WANT to be ‘left behind’??




Dating Discipleship:
Essays on Dating, Romance & Singleness for the Follower of Jesus

$2.99 eBook

What is dating? What purpose does it serve for the Christian, if any?? How are followers of Jesus supposed to pursue relationships with members of the opposite sex given all the varying perspectives they’ve heard over the years from Christian authors, teachers and pastors–many of which contradict one another? How are single Christians supposed to maintain focus on their relationship with God as well as honoring the desire He has placed deep within them for marriage, romance, sex and lifelong companionship? What does the Bible have to say on the subject? And just as important…what does it NOT say?

In this Dojo Discussion, author/speaker/Bible teacher JM Smith presents a collection of essays on the subject of dating & relationships for those who take seriously both their calling as a disciple and as someone pursuing authentic romantic love.




The Little Dragon Gospel:
How Bruce Lee Shaped My Ministry

$0.99 eBook

“Bruce Lee is a pop-culture icon who single-handedly changed the Hollywood landscape forever and brought martial arts to mainstream American audiences. He was also one of the greatest minds in martial arts history and has been called “the Father of MMA” by UFC President Dana White due to his emphasis on cross-discipline training and his rejection of the impractical aspects of classical martial arts styles. But what does any of this have to do with Christian discipleship or theological study?? Actually…a lot!

In this Dojo Discussion, author, artist and Bible teacher JM Smith takes readers through his discovery of Bruce Lee’s teachings and martial arts philosophy and explores the impact it has had (and continues to have) on his own ministry and theological reflection.

Truth is can often be found in the most unlikely places…even in the writings of an agnostic martial artist movie star from Hong Kong in the early 1970s!



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