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Creation from the Bible’s perspective

Last night I had the privilage of speaking at CharlotteONE: to about 600 young adults from all over the metro-Charlotte area. It was a fantastic experience and I’m really looking forward to this three-week series, which Dave Hickman and I are doing called “Bible 101”. After covering some cool facts about the Bible, as well […]


36 years of genocide and counting…

Though it didn’t get much press this week due to all the inauguration events, yesterday marked the 36th anniversary of the worst legal decision in the history of the Supreme Court. That such a poorly-reasoned decision could pass in the nation’s highest legal body is baffling. That it resulted in the legal killing of over […]



This was from “A Faith and Culture Devotinal” which I’ve mentioned on here before. It’s such a great point that many people haven’t seemed to grasp, particularly within Christianity, that I wanted to post it in the Dojo: —————————————————The Irony of Intoleranceby Greg Koukl In today’s world, one word is invoked as the No. 1 […]


Immanuel, part 2

So, we saw last time that the famous “Immanuel” passage in the Christmas story comes from a prophecy in Isaiah ch.7. The prophecy in its original context did not foretell a future Messiah who would be born of a literal “virgin” (b’thulah), but rather, an impending birth of a child by a “young woman” or […]


Immanuel – Son of a ‘virgin’ or son of a ‘young woman’?

Christmas time is here…happiness and cheer…fun for all, that children call…their favorite time of y… Sorry. I just watched “Merry Christmas Charlie Brown” a couple of nights ago! Best Xmas cartoon ever! [Note: It’s okay to write “Xmas” because ‘X’ is the Greek letter “chi” which is the first letter in “Christ”…which is how early […]



I’ll be honest…I usually hate Devotionals! I know, I know…some people thrive off of daily nuggets from Max Lucado or The Upper Room. God bless ’em…I’ll never understand such people, but I still love them as brothers and sisters in Christ. 🙂 However, I recently began reading a Devotional that caught my eye and I […]


Final thoughts on The Blue Parakeet and women preachers…

In my last post, I talked about Scot McKnight’s new book “The Blue Parakeet”, which I was reading at the time. I finished it two days ago and wanted to give a follow up. “Parakeet” devotes the final 3rd of the book to looking at an issue in Scripture which for many readers is a […]


Please take less than 1 minute and do this…

Hey everyone, I hate when Christians send around petitions because they’re usually alarmist, fear-mongering, or simply untrue. BUT this is one that history will absolutely judge us on as a society: PLEASE take the minute or so to do this. I’m not gonna use any of those “you’re not a true believer if you don’t…” […]


Cheap T’s that can change the culture…

For those who may not know about it, the banner at the top of my blog is to a website dedicated to educating society regarding the issue of abortion. They take a grassroots approach, particularly on college campuses (where future legislators and judges are currently residing!). They recently released a series of limited edition t-shirts […]


Thoughts on Rob Bell’s new book "Jesus wants to save Christians"

I just finished reading Rob Bell’s new book, “Jesus wants to save Christians” (Zondervan) yesterday and thought I’d shoot out a quick blog about it. If you don’t know who Rob is, he’s the founding pastor of Mars Hill Bible church in Grand Rapids and the speaker in the popular NOOMA short films. When I […]

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