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Christian Dating Myths with JM & David (part 2 of 10)


No room for spiritual Lone Rangers

My church, Good Shepherd, is currently in the middle of a series called “WE” which is all about community and its central role in the Christian life. So when I came across the following quote on this subject while prepping for my upcoming weekend seminar on the Book of Revelation (which I’ll be teaching March […]


Running the race

So, this past weekend I ran a marathon. Yes, you read that right. James-Michael Smith, the non-runner, ran 26.2 miles. I finished the Kiawah Island Marathon in 4 hrs, 58 minutes and 39 seconds. I was hoping for between 4:30 and 5:00 so accomplished that goal (though I was a little disappointed that I had […]


Will we be married in Heaven?

Will we be married in Heaven? Answering a question on Heaven, marriage and the Bible submitted by a reader of the Methodist Examiner Posted using ShareThis


Depression and Christian faith

Depression and Christian faith There are a lot of misconceptions and false notions floating around among Christians when it comes to Depression. As someone who suffers with it, I know firsthand the importance of getting the facts straight and getting proper treatment. I wrote this a while back to help other Christians facing this mental […]


Top Ten Babes of the Bible

As a teacher of Scripture, who is also a single guy in his early 30s, the topic of women in the Bible is one that I would like to address in a different light than your typical Liz Curtis Higgs/Beth Moore/Kay Arthur approach. Most discussions of women in the Bible are written by women, to […]


Great thoughts from a brother in Christ!

I belong to a small group of guys that meets weekly for study and prayer. We do prayer requests via email sometimes and today one of the guys in the group, Bryce, sent this to all of us. I asked him if I could share it with the Dojo and he said I could: Knowing […]


Being a pastor and a single at the same time…

Here’s an article that the Charlotte Observer ran Saturday on Single Pastors…which I just happen to be! 🙂 JMS Pastors without partnersUnmarried ministers face the same struggles as other singles – but theirs are more publicBy Katharine Dalekdale@charlotteobserver.com Pastor Brad Saab enjoys rock climbing as a way to unwind from his job as student ministry […]


My Myers-Briggs personality type

I took an online version of Myers-Briggs today since it’s been a while since I took the actual test in seminary and I wanted to see what I am now. It seems I am an ENTP. I googled this personality type and here’s a description I found. I’ve italicized the parts I resonate with most. […]


Discipleship and Dating…

In light of Valentine’s Day, I felt that it would be quite appropriate to share some thoughts from a previous blog entry that many in the Discipleship Dojo haven’t read before. Enjoy and by all means feel free to leave feedback, especially if you disagree with me! Iron sharpens iron…but only when they’re rubbed against […]

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