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Speaker ridicules, curses at teens in the name of…tolerance?

“Imagine if a Bible teacher had referred to atheist high school students who walked out on him “pansy asses” while he was calling their beliefs “bullsh*t”…”

“Guarding your heart” is not about dating…

“Guarding your heart” is not about dating…

“Guarding our hearts isn’t about avoiding romantic relationships or dating…it’s about ordering our lives in a way that aligns with the heart of God…”

“The List” *Updated* Thoughts on singleness, dating and Discipleship

“The List” *Updated* Thoughts on singleness, dating and Discipleship

“So why have such a list? Should all Christian singles make “the list” and meticulously scrutinize every member of the opposite sex accordingly? Or is such a list a waste of time and an exercise in “unspiritual” daydreaming at best? I can only offer my opinion from my own perspective and experiences. So here goes…”


I’m taking a break from ministry for a while

“If I have the gift of prophecy and can fathom all mysteries and all knowledge, and if I have a faith that can move mountains, but have not love, I am nothing.” -1Corinthians 13:2

How’s your Play Ethic?

How’s your Play Ethic?

“What do I mean by Play Ethic? I mean an intentional, concerted, focused effort to enjoy the blessings of God…particularly our friendships and family relationships, which are of infinitely greater value than our savings, properties, career advancement, or investment portfolios.”


Experiencing God through a sex talk?!

“For speaker/teacher/Bible-geeks-who-do-online-ministry, it’s rare to receive emails like the one I received yesterday via Facebook…but when you do, it totally makes your day…”

Song of Songs – now in color!

Song of Songs – now in color!

The Song of Songs (or Song of Solomon) is the greatest love song ever written…that’s literally what the title “song of songs” means!

However, like any song, its lyrics have been the subject of varying interpretations and much speculation. There are multiple theories of what exactly is going on in the Song, but rather than getting into those (which I will address next week at CharlotteONE) I wanted to simply let the Song speak for itself here.


a TRUE portrait of Sin

“…Instead, he lived with what he calls “the darkness”…and his portrait of the darkness is one of the most VIVID and HEART-BREAKING depictions of the true nature of Sin and the destruction it wreaks within the souls of humanity that I’ve ever read.”


Continuation of Israel/Palestine discussion

“As I’ve said many times throughout this discussion, if fellow followers of Jesus cannot discuss this issue charitably and honestly, what hope do other cultures/groups/governments who are without Messiah have? Thus this truly is a form of ministry–one of the most practical forms of ministry, I would argue–to a watching world in need of healing and reconciliation.”


Abortion discussion – my response to Rachel

“I wanted to finally respond to Rachel’s excellent questions today, however. Here is what she asked…”

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