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Top Ten Babes of the Bible

As a teacher of Scripture, who is also a single guy in his early 30s, the topic of women in the Bible is one that I would like to address in a different light than your typical Liz Curtis Higgs/Beth Moore/Kay Arthur approach. Most discussions of women in the Bible are written by women, to […]


Die heretic! :)

My good friend Rick sent me this today. I, in turn, am passing it on to all of you in the Dojo: A joke written by Emo Phillips: Once I saw this guy on a bridge about to jump.I said, “Don’t do it!”He said, “Nobody loves me.”I said, “God loves you. Do you believe in […]


The Bible and G.I. Joe??

I came across this post on “Stuff Christians Like” (an excellent satirical blog that is quite astute in its observations!) and as a child of the 80s whose dream was to own every G.I. Joe action figure, vehicle and playset ever created, it brought a nostalgic tear to my eye. 🙂 http://stufffchristianslike.blogspot.com/2008/05/228-niv-vs-kjv-vs-esv-bible-wars-told.html As I’ve been […]


See, Jiujitsu can save a life!

A friend emailed me this story today (thanks, Bonnie!) and it was too good not to share with the Dojo! Enjoy! 9 year old boy uses jiu-jitsu on a pit bull to save a young girl and her dog.January 5, 2009 · By MatRatz.com Staff “9-year-old Drew Heredia is being called a hero after he […]


A sad day for this Dawg…

Uga VII’s face above pretty much sums up our ’08 football season. So much potential…so much choking when it counted. *sigh*


Some perspective on Thanksgiving…that isn’t sentimental for a change!

My friend Mark sent this video link to me today and I thought it was absolutely right on! PLUS…both guys in the clip are funny and redheaded; what more could you ask for?? Enjoy! JMS


Funny picture of the week

Those of you who know me (especially my friends on Facebook!) know that I love finding funny pictures online and sharing them with everyone to enjoy. Since things can get serious here in the Dojo, what with all the theological/biblical banter going back and forth, I decided that each week I will post a picture […]


A new direction for worship…

My friend Mark sent this to our Fusion listserve today and I just couldn’t help but share it with the Dojo. I think this is definitely the new direction we should be headed in worship here at GS! [Note: heavy use of sarcasm] Favorite lyric by far: “He is like a Mountie, He always gets […]

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