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Guns, Satan, mental illness…who do we blame?

Guns, Satan, mental illness…who do we blame?

Events like this force us (whatever our religious beliefs!) to confront face to face the problem of senseless, gratuitous, mindless evil.

We can’t escape it–be it through pious determinism (i.e. “The Lord works in mysterious ways…”) or atheistic/pantheistic sophistry (i.e. “there’s no such thing as evil really, we’re just ‘dancing to our DNA’…” or “evil is merely an illusion that comes from an attachment to earthly desires…”).


Reflections from India

“Now that I’ve been back for 2 weeks from the teaching trip I was part of in the state of Orissa/Odisha, India, I’d like to share some quick reflections with Dojo readers…”

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