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Exodus 2 – Ruth’s Chris Bible Study (video)

Exodus 2 – Ruth’s Chris Bible Study (video)

Hi Dojo readers, Today we continued our study through the book of Exodus at our weekly lunchtime Bible study at Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse here in Charlotte. This week we come to the birth story of Moses. Once again, it is the women who play a prominent role in God’s unfolding plan of salvation. We also […]

My latest eBook is out now…and it’s under a buck!

My latest eBook is out now…and it’s under a buck!

This is the first in the “Dojo Discussions” series of ebooks we will be publishing. So stay tuned for more titles in the series and please share this with as many people as you can.


Bible for the Rest of Us [DVD]

I just released my next batch of my “Bible for the Rest of Us” DVD course after selling the first 50 I had printed up. And I’ve …


Revelation: A Guided Tour of the Apocalypse [DVD]

From the back cover: “Revelation is easily the most widely-misunderstood and confusing book in the entire Bible. And for many, it’s the scariest! Is Revelation a detailed map of political world events that we are currently experiencing? Or is it a symbolic allegory describing the general triumph of God over evil? Or. . . is […]


JMS Audio Archive [CD/MP3]

Download for FREE many of my audio message direct to your iPod. Order CD’s for the car. Audio sermons include: “Apocalypse Now??”, “Christian Dating Myths”, and many more!


Methodist Examiner News Feed [Articles]

Pop culture exposed! Subscribe to my Examiner page, another JMS source.

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