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Creation from the Bible’s perspective

Last night I had the privilage of speaking at CharlotteONE: to about 600 young adults from all over the metro-Charlotte area. It was a fantastic experience and I’m really looking forward to this three-week series, which Dave Hickman and I are doing called “Bible 101”. After covering some cool facts about the Bible, as well […]


Immanuel – Son of a ‘virgin’ or son of a ‘young woman’?

Christmas time is here…happiness and cheer…fun for all, that children call…their favorite time of y… Sorry. I just watched “Merry Christmas Charlie Brown” a couple of nights ago! Best Xmas cartoon ever! [Note: It’s okay to write “Xmas” because ‘X’ is the Greek letter “chi” which is the first letter in “Christ”…which is how early […]


Final thoughts on The Blue Parakeet and women preachers…

In my last post, I talked about Scot McKnight’s new book “The Blue Parakeet”, which I was reading at the time. I finished it two days ago and wanted to give a follow up. “Parakeet” devotes the final 3rd of the book to looking at an issue in Scripture which for many readers is a […]


A great new resource for sharpening our swords!

I just found out today that Zondervan publishers has a blog where various Biblical scholars and theologians post regularly on a variety of topics. It’s called Koinonia, which is the Greek word for fellowship/community. There are some great articles on there, some more technical than others. Go check it out when you have a chance. […]


Paul and women

Last night I was at a guys’ small group that I’ve recently begun attending and the conversation touched on Paul and his views on women in ministry. We talked some about people’s understandings (and misunderstandings!) of Paul’s letters when it comes to the issue of women and their role in church and society in general. […]


Training thoughts from the past few weeks

This past Saturday, I tested for my brown belt at my real-life dojo, Leadership Martial Arts. It was a physically as well as mentally demanding 90 minutes that I had been planning for and getting in shape for for a while now (though I still missed a few things during it and didn’t do as […]


NUMB3RS – The 144,000

I’ve held off posting the next week in the Revelation series blog entries partially out of busyness and partially because I was scheduled to preach on the section that we’ve now come to (ch.7) as the final message in our series “NUMB3RS – Messages from the book of Revelation”. I’m not going to comment much […]


Are you "rapture ready"??

Okay, so this is admittedly a break in the flow of the Revelation study that we’ve been doing on here. But since this Sunday’s message is sure to generate many questions, comments, or concerns, I thought it would be a good time to discuss the topic up front–The Rapture. As you may know, we as […]


Why so much Old Testament scholarship is so far off

Last night in our Passage class BS 101 – “The Bible for the Rest of Us” I taught on the subject of the authorship of the Hebrew Scriptures–particularly the first 5 books of the Bible (the Torah, or Pentateuch). I told the class that I would post an older entry from another blog I wrote […]


Is Jesus based on older pagan myths

Occasionally, I will post on this blog older posts from my personal Myspace blog which have to do with Christianity, Discipleship, Scholarship or Biblical Studies. This is one I posted back in the Fall that I’d like to make available to the Discipleship Dojo community. As usual, comments, questions, or feedback are always welcome! Christianity […]

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