• Christian rapper Shai Linne blasts “Prosperity Gospel”

Christian rapper Shai Linne blasts “Prosperity Gospel”

For those Dojo readers who aren’t in the know, Shai Linne is an accomplished lyricist in the world of Christian hip hop. He’s known for infusing tracks with his staunchly Reformed theological outlook and not pulling punches when it comes to controversial doctrinal subjects.

He’s a rapper who uses the medium of hip hop to teach theology…and he’s incredibly skilled at it.

I often find myself disagreeing with some of his lyrics, while at the same time marveling at his skill and appreciating his intellectual rigor. His collaborations with FLAME are always excellent and are among my favorite tracks on the album.

He’s just released a new single entitled “Fal$e Teacher$” that tackles the issue of the “Prosperity Gospel” which my friend, colleague, and fellow Christian hip hop aficionado Rev. Rich Tuttle shared it with me today on Facebook.

In the song, Shai calls out such popular figures as Paul Crouch, Joel Osteen, Joyce Meyer, Eddie Long, Creflo Dollar,  TBN, Benny Hinn, T.D. Jakes, Paul White, Kenneth Copeland, Robert Tilton, and others:


Shai Linne explains why he wrote the lyrics to include specific names of popular teachers in this video blog:

The Prosperity Gospel has been rampant within Christian circles and, thanks to Christian satellite TV over the past few decades, has been exported around the world. In an interview with over at Wade-O Radio, Shai elaborates on why he has decided to specifically name names in this latest track:

“[The prosperity gospel has] been embraced,” he said of how the teaching has ravaged the continent of Africa. “You have these rallies where literally over 100,000 people will come to hear these guys talk about prosperity. The people who are coming are impoverished like crazy and they’re buying into it thinking that this false theology is going to be their way out of poverty. They figure, ‘Hey, it must work because it’s working for these guys in America.’”

Having done ministry in Africa myself, I can attest to this fact firsthand. And I absolutely believe the Prosperity Gospel is a total perversion of the true Gospel of Jesus, even if it is accepted (or partially accepted) by true and sincere believers.

In fact, in a panel discussion a few years ago that Rich and I participated in at Good Shepherd, this very subject was addressed. Take a listen to hear a pastoral response to the Prosperity Gospel…

Whenever someone decides to publicly criticize another Christian, it is important to do so in a spirit of humility, caution and grace. And my friend Olatunde has written a 2-part post on how to go about doing so that is the finest thing I’ve ever read on that subject (seriously, go read it!):



Whether Shai Linne’s track successfully balances grace and truth is ultimately up to God to determine. But when it comes to confronting and correcting the false gospel of “name it and claim it” preaching, I stand in agreement with the lyrics of “Fal$e Teacher$”.


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  1. Thanks for the link back James. I think this song is re-opening an important dialogue with this doctrine. People are asking questions and opening the scriptures to get answers. That’s always a good thing, despite the controversy this may cause in the short run.


    Comment by DJ Wade-O on April 9, 2013 at 12:49 pm

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