• New Refugee-Jitsu project: The Panther Gi

New Refugee-Jitsu project: The Panther Gi

Hey Dojo readers,

So it’s been a while since I’ve been able to post much here on the Dojo blog, because it’s been a crazy busy new year!

We had our first Refugee-Jitsu class last week at Project 658 and it was AWESOME! I seriously love these kids from all over the world who God has brought to live among us here in the Queen City!

1st class 2


Thanks to a number of you, we were able to get a dozen roll-out mats and a BOB dummy for the kids to train with each week…

And as if that weren’t cool enough, our good friends over at Deus Fight Co. have agreed to support this program with our own custom gis!!!

You might remember Deus from the “Fight For the Forgotten” gi I designed with them to support my buddy Justin Wren’s organization for the Pygmies of the Congo

IG white 2

Well, Deus also has a number of gis that support different organizations and community outreaches around the country. And many of them are designed to show homage to that city’s home football team. For instance, they sell the “Seahawk“, the “Patriot“, and the “Raven“, among others.

Now, in addition to those (as well as their line of kids gis based on Bible heroes, which you should TOTALLY check out if your kids train!), they will also feature the “Panther“…and will be providing the gis for our program here to the kids who earn them by their attendance and their cleaning of the mats and equipment each week after class…

PantherGiFrontIG PantherGiBackIGPantherGiPantsIG

KEEPROLLING liner text Samurai Panther dark logo Samurai Panther patch design

Disciple Dojo is honored to receive the support of the folks at Deus Fight Co. and I can’t wait to get the kids rolling in these gis that pay homage to their adopted city! If you are a martial artist, or are simply looking for some good workout gear, head over to www.DeusFight.com and support these guys who are making a difference all over the world through their generosity!

If you would like to support this particular Disciple Dojo outreach, you can order your own “Panther” gi HERE

Or, even if you don’t train, you can “earn your belt” off the mats by becoming a monthly Dojo Donor! Click HERE for our available “belt ranks” (no, you don’t actually get a belt…but you do get some cool Disciple Dojo resources to help you with your spiritual “training”!). 🙂

Lastly, if you’d prefer to give a one-time gift to support what we’re doing here in the Dojo, you can also donate directly below via credit card, or can mail a check made out to “Disciple Dojo, L3C” with “support” in the subject line to:


Disciple Dojo
13623 Christian Tyler Ct.
Charlotte, NC 28278

 **Unfortunately, due to our status as an L3C corporation (see below), donations by individuals are not tax-deductible**

Perhaps one day Disciple Dojo will grow enough to operate at full nonprofit status, but in the meantime, we ask that you consider giving simply out of a desire to support this ministry rather than as a tax write-off. 🙂


L3C Information:

Disciple Dojo is organized as a low-profit limited liability company (L3C) recognized by the State of North Carolina.  In contrast to a traditional LLC small business, an L3C is a private business set up so that:

1. It significantly furthers the accomplishment of charitable or educational purpose and
would not have been formed except to further these purposes;
2. Income production or property appreciation is not a significant purpose; and
3. It does not seek to accomplish political or legislative purpose.

As a religious, artistic, teaching organization, Disciple Dojo fulfills these requirements. However, unlike with a traditional 501(c)3 charity, donations to Disciple Dojo are not tax-deductible under current IRS regulations.

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