• New Dojo art designs and Tumblr page!

New Dojo art designs and Tumblr page!

Hey Dojo readers,

In an effort to expand the reach Disciple Dojo’s artwork and help generate revenue to keep this ministry going, I’ve added a few new designs to our zazzle store. I’d love for you to check them out and pick up something for yourself or as a gift!

The first series is based on the “Revelation: A Guided Tour of the Apocalypse” course I’m currently teaching and pretty much sums up the overall message of the book of Revelation…

Keep Calm and Follow the Lamb (poster or canvas print)

Keep Calm and Follow the Lamb (Rugged aluminum water bottle)

Keep Calm and Follow the Lamb (customizable t-shirt – various styles)


The second series of designs is my take on the “lather, rinse, repeat” idea…but for my fellow Brazilian Jiujitsu and grappling geeks!

Grapple, Rinse, Repeat (workout tee)

Grapple, Rinse, Repeat (Rugged aluminum water bottle)

Grapple, Rinse, Repeat (2-in-1 bumper stickes)

Sales of these (and all other) items go directly toward funding Disciple Dojo, so please consider sharing, tweeting, or posting them to your favorite social media sites!

And speaking of artwork…

You may have noticed a new page under the “Art of the Dojo” link on the homepage labeled “JM’s Ballpoint Art“. I’ve been experimenting with a different artistic medium lately–ballpoint pen! It’s not only cheap and very portable…but serves as something of a vindication for all those pages of doodling I filled up in my notebooks from middle school through seminary! 🙂  I’ve been focusing on rendering some of my favorite pop-culture icons, so check back periodically for updates. And if you have a suggestion or would like to commission one yourself, don’t hesitate to contact me!

I’ve also started a Tumblr page for Disciple Dojo: http://discipledojo.tumblr.com

It will be primarily used for posting artwork and other fun things that may not warrant a full blog post here on the Dojo blog. So if you’re on tumblr, be sure to follow and help spread the word!

Lastly, if you’d like to contribute directly to the ongoing needs of this ministry, please consider becoming an official Dojo Donor! You can do so for as little as $10 a month and it REALLY makes a difference for a ministry as small as this one! Head over to http://jmsmith.org/about/support to get started!

I hope everyone is having a wonderful Spring thus far. Thanks for all the support and encouragement!

Blessings from the Dojo…and remember what ol’ Jack Burton always says…

“It’s all in the reflexes.”



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