• Some live to fight…others fight to live!

Some live to fight…others fight to live!

Hi Dojo readers!

I want  you to take 10 minutes and watch this video (and not just because I make a cameo around the 8 min mark!).  It’s my friend talking about something incredibly important that Disciple Dojo is proud to come alongside and support however possible!

As you can see, my friend Kristen Brown is doing something pretty amazing and she needs all the support and help she can get. Disciple Dojo is 100% on board with Live To Fight, Inc. and here is why I want to encourage you to consider how you might help her as well.

I was actually up there when this was being filmed. It was just after the Chris Weidman Seminar at Renzo Gracie Academy in Manhattan that my instructor Derek “TC” Richarson and I had gone to.  I had drawn a portrait of Chris for Kristen to raffle off and was there to help her with whatever else she needed behind the scenes.


I got to meet Chris–who’s seriously one of the nicest guys who could utterly destroy you if he ever chose to that you’ll ever meet! I got to talk to him a bit about my art and Disciple Dojo’s ministry and got him to sign one of the pieces I’d draw of him recently.

IMG_3696I also got to meet and give artwork to Jim Miller (who was also an amazingly cool and down-t0-earth guy as you’ll ever meet!).


It was an amazing trip, which I’ve written about in 2 previous installments so far here on the Dojo Blog, so if you’d like more background, check out:




Blessings to Kristen, Steve, Chris, Ottavia, Bobby, Nader, Jim and Dan and all the rest of the Live To Fight, Inc. community of which I’m proud to be a part of in some small way through Disciple Dojo.

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