• Pray for Indian brothers wrongly convicted

Pray for Indian brothers wrongly convicted

Dojo readers,


I received the following email from a good friend in India this week…

Dear Friends,

With a heavy heart, I would like to convey to you a very unfortunate and unexpected development that has taken place in Orissa, India recently. The following communication with leaders in Orissa indicate about that.

You may recall the severe persecution and violence that happened in Kandhmal, Orissa in 2008. That happened as a result of the killing of a Hindu guru. It was never known who was the real killer as he was attacked by a group of people with guns. It was believed to be an act of Maoists operating in that area. However, some Hindus attacked the Christian community in Kandhmal and other parts of Orissa blaming the killing on Christians. You all know the type of havoc it created throughout Orissa and slowly we have recovered from that.

However, as no particular killer was identified and punished; some in the Hindu community were not satisfied and for all these years kept on putting pressure on the Government to somehow identify the killers. Obviously we knew that somehow or other they wanted to put the blame on Christians. Of course, we also have many Hindu friends who do not agree to this extreme view and feel sorry for this. But, now the unfortunate judgment is taken by the local court convicting seven Christian brothers for this action. The whole Christian community is shocked. Of course, all Christian leaders are getting together and appeal will be filed in the High Court challenging the judgment of the lower court. However, in the meantime what will happen with these seven families and situation in entire Orissa will be tense as well.

Kindly request prayer for this entire situation and specially for these seven persons and their families. It is strongly believed that these persons are innocent and have become victims under the present circumstance.

In His Service,

[name withheld for security reasons]

I have been to Orissa twice now, and will be going again next Spring. I’ve seen the results of the violence firsthand and have met with many of the Pastors whose churches experienced violent persecution. The people of Orissa are wonderful people and the fact that radicals can have such sway in local government affairs–at the expense of our brothers and sisters in Christ–is truly a shame.

Please pray for these men who have been imprisoned and convicted. Pray that the actual instigators of violence be brought to justice. And pray that the Christians in Orissa continue to be a light shining into their communities, as they already are!


Blessings from the Dojo to my friends in India,


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