• Syrian refugees and homeless Americans: why we can’t make this argument

Syrian refugees and homeless Americans: why we can’t make this argument

Dojo readers,

I’ve been absolutely heartbroken all week by the things I’ve read and heard and seen on social media regarding the plight of Syrian refugees. There’s so much I want to say…but I just don’t have the mental energy to express it all at the moment.

However, one thing I’ve heard MANY times this week (by people who claim to be Christians who seriously read and uphold Scripture) is the idea that we should first look after Americans Christians, such as homeless veterans, before we do anything for “foreigners” in need…



Christians…fellow Disciples of our Lord Jesus (who was Himself a middle east refugee as a baby!), when you use or share the “Until there are no more homeless Americans we shouldn’t take a single Syrian refugee!” argument, it is the same as saying “Until there are no more American orphans or foster kids we shouldn’t oppose a single abortion!

We simply cannot make this argument if we are a follower of Jesus (and this post is only addressed to those who claim that name). Pointing out various other societal needs is no excuse for not saving peoples lives. There will ALWAYS be the poor and needy among us, and we will ALWAYS have to choose what we can personally invest in when it comes to helping and giving.




But when it comes to families fleeing for their lives from a hellish war zone where they have literally nothing, how dare we as members of the international Body of Christ point to homelessness in America and say “sorry, there’s no room in this inn.”




Let us rather admit that we are simply very scared at the thought of more Muslims in our land (though we’re happy to send them shoeboxes of toys and pray for them from afar) and we don’t think the Gospel and its self-sacrificial love toward members of another faith is enough to keep America from becoming a Sharia theocracy.

That would at least be an honesty that is understandable in light of current events, and a place from which God could begin softening our hearts and overcoming our fears with the radical call of the Gospel.



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