• Freedom, water, and human dignity (my latest #ArtOfTheDojo project)

Freedom, water, and human dignity (my latest #ArtOfTheDojo project)

Hey Dojo readers,

Tomorrow is a BIG day!

After a 5 year absence from the sport, my friend Justin “The Big Pygmy” Wren will be returning to MMA competition in the Bellator cage! You may remember Justin from previous posts here in the Dojo…




JM and Justin


Justin’s story has caught hold within the MMA community and beyond. Yahoo, Bleacher Report, and ESPN recently covered his return, as well as what it is he’s now fighting FOR–his Pygmy friends and family in the heart of the Congo rainforest!




My brother Justin is using his platform on the national stage in the sport he loves to bring FREEDOM, CLEAN WATER, and BASIC HUMAN DIGNITY to a people who have been more horribly and brutally oppressed than almost any other group in human history.

And I couldn’t be more honored to support him, Dojo readers!

So I recently teamed up with AWESOME Jiujitsu gi company Deus Fight Co. (who specialize in making hi-quality affordable BJJ apparel to support various great causes!) to work on a special project that combines my passion for art, Brazilian Jiujitsu, and the Gospel of Jesus which Justin is living out in a tangible life-changing way. I designed for Deus this limited edition “Fight for the Forgotten” Jiujitsu gi (in both blue and white models)!

Check it out…

IG blue IG white


Here are the specs, for those of you who train and may want to order one (for yourself or as a gift for your favorite grappler!)…

This is Official Fight For the Forgotten Gi

The purpose behind this Gi is to support the Fight For the Forgotten’s amazing Mission. The Pygmy’s of the Congo are a people who have suffered greatly with no voice. Your contributions make a difference.This unique one of a kind Gi available in two colors, WHITE AND BLUE.

– 450 GSM Pearl Weave
– Bottom: 10oz Rip Stop
– Liner: Lycra/Poly
– Rope: Stretchy Drawstring

The gi is $169, including gi bag, and is now available for pre-order over at http://www.deusfight.com/FFTFgi and is a limited edition. So order while they’re available!

IG blue white tundu


Here’s my artist’s statement about the design…

A few years ago, just before he left for his second trip to the Congo, I had the pleasure of meeting Justin. I was honored to meet him…and even more honored when he recognized my artwork and said he was a fan! Since then, I have supported him and the work of Fight For the Forgotten as much as I’ve been able and it’s been a pure joy to see the passion, dedication, and infectious love he has—not just for his Pygmy family, but for the MMA community as well. When the opportunity came to design this gi for Deus, I was 1000% on board and have enjoyed every minute of it. I wanted to design a gi that not only reflected Justin’s love for the DRC (thus the red, yellow and blue of that nation’s flag became the overall color scheme of the design), but also one that communicated his heart for the Pygmy villagers whom he loves so much and who he promised to not let the world forget. Thus, the liner on the inside of the gi is an overhead view of one of the actual villages in the jungle where Justin lived, worked, and loved these beautiful people—where he was simply known as “Efeosa” (“The one who loves us”). And I overlaid an image of Justin’s and one of the villagers’ hands grasping one another, as a symbol of the cooperative approach FFTF takes in empowering, rather than simply giving charity to, the Pygmies so that they can enjoy the dignity and self-worth that is the right of all people created in God’s image. Lastly, if you look closely you will see dozens of names within image. These are the names of Justin’s Pygmy family and friends, including little Andibo who Justin buried with his own hands. I wanted to make sure that in some small way, they are NEVER “forgotten.” Thank you Deus Fight Co. and Fight For the Forgotten for allowing me to be part of this amazing project. As an artist, a grappler, and a fellow Disciple of our Lord, I am truly honored.

IG Tundu



Even if you don’t care anything about Jiujitsu, MMA, or limited edition gis, you HAVE to check out what Justin is doing and support www.fightfortheforgotten.org however you can! He is currently involved with a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for a full documentary by filmmaker Derek Watson called “Fighting for Freedom.” Check it out…

Disciple Dojo has already pledged $100 to the campaign, and I challenge you Dojo readers, to try and match me!

Also, Justin has teamed with NY Times bestselling author Loretta Hunt to tell his entire story of how he went from a drug-addicted alcoholic reality TV show fighter to a man who embodies the love of Jesus and will forever be fighting FOR something greater than himself for the rest of his life! (Click the image below to pre-order the book at 50% off from Amazon!)…



Remember to tune in to Bellator MMA tomorrow night on SpikeTV and cheer Justin on in his return to active competition on an international stage!

Keep shining brightly for the Kingdom, Justin! Disciple Dojo is 100% in your corner!




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