• *UPDATED* Win this original Fight For the Forgotten “sketch[ed]book”!

*UPDATED* Win this original Fight For the Forgotten “sketch[ed]book”!

Hey Dojo readers,

As you know, my friend Justin “The Big Pygmy” Wren has a new book out which tells the story of how he went from drug-addicted MMA fighter to living in a stick-and-leaf-hut among the Mbuti Pygmies in the Congo.

The book is called “Fight For the Forgotten” and it’s incredible! I finished it a few days ago and believe everyone should read it and be blown away by the work that Justin and his team are doing for a people who have been so hated, oppressed, abused, and…forgotten by most of the world.


I ordered two copies of the book when it was first posted for sale online–one to keep and read for myself, and the other to do a special fundraiser project with. Here is that project…

On the inside cover, I did an original sketch of some of the actual Pygmy children from one of the villages Justin worked with. Their smiles and joy, in the midst of facing such overwhelming hardships in their everyday life, are a thing to behold. As Justin describes in the book, the Pygmy “kiddos” are the primary reason he is doing what he does…as FIVE THOUSAND kids throughout the Congo DIE EVERY DAY from simply not having clean water to drink.



Justin’s organization, Fight For The Forgotten teams with Water4 to provide legally-protected land, fresh water wells, and sustainable farming initiatives among the Pygmies and their surrounding tribes for the benefit of everyone involved. The goal is not “charity”…rather it is “opportunity.” Through providing the land and water, FFTF and W4 enable the Pygmies to own and develop their own economic and agricultural stability in a way that empowers and provides them with the human dignity that we are all granted by virtue of being created in the image of God as human beings.

Disciple Dojo is already partnered with Deus Fight Co. on a special project to help raise funds through the jiujitsu community, but I wanted to offer another way for those non-BJJ Dojo readers to help as well.

So here’s how you can win this amazing book with some one-of-a-kind artwork sketched inside by yours truly (or what I call a “sketch[ed]book”)…

For every $5 you donate at the link below, your name will be entered into a drawing to be held Sunday Oct. 11th to determine the winner. The deadline for entering is midnight on Saturday Oct. 10th. If you want to increase your chances of winning…simply donate more! 70% of the proceeds will go to FFTF. The remaining 30% will go to Disciple Dojo. 

Two runners-up in the name drawing will receive a signed print of the portrait I drew for Justin after his recent return to MMA…

Big Pygmy print


To enter simply donate at the link below! Contest ended!

Here are the winners…

Thanks for supporting a truly great cause!


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