• Exodus 3 – Ruth’s Chris Bible Study (video)

Exodus 3 – Ruth’s Chris Bible Study (video)

Hi Dojo readers,

Today at our Tuesday Ruth’s Chris Lunchtime Bible Study we looked at Exodus 3 and the call of Moses.

After 40 years of shepherding in obscurity in Midian (what is today northwest Saudi Arabia), Moses has a face to face ¬†encounter with the the God of his people. We’re introduced to the concept of “holiness” for the first time, officially, as well as the first of what will be many “Fire Theophanies” in Scripture.

Here’s the video for those who couldn’t be there in person. Enjoy, and be sure to click “subscribe” on the Youtube page (that really helps this ministry!). Also, if you are in the South Park area of Charlotte any Tuesday from 12-1pm, come join us for a free Ruth’s Chris lunch and our ongoing journey through the book of Exodus!

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