• Debating a world famous scholar on Israel

Debating a world famous scholar on Israel

Hello Dojo readers,

Some of you may already know about my radio debate in December with my good friend Dr. Michael L. Brown on the topic of Christians and modern Israel.  But since it’s a new year I wanted to share the link again for those who missed it during the Holiday blur.

Dr. Brown, author of the recent “The REAL Kosher Jesus“, is arguably the world’s leading Messianic Jewish scholar. For those who don’t know, Messianics are Jews who accept Jesus (Yeshua) as Messiah, but retain and celebrate their Jewish heritage, culture and all the aspects of historical Judaism which reflect, anticipate or point to the Messiah’s life and ministry in the person of Jesus/Yeshua. I first came to know of Dr. Brown’s work while in college. I read his “Answering Jewish Objections to Jesus” series over the years as each new volume was published, and to this day I maintain that they are the absolute finest work in print in the area of Jesus and Judaism.

Dr. Brown and I finally became personally acquainted through our mutual connection with CharlotteONE: and over the past two years or so have developed a genuine friendship and mutual respect.

However, despite our friendship and unity in faith, when it comes to the issue of how we should view the modern Israeli-Palestinian conflict and the historical events surrounding it, Dr. Brown and I have some pronounced areas of disagreement.

After the most recent conflict in Gaza, Dr. Brown wrote an article which I responded to here in the Dojo.

Dr. Brown then invited me to join him on the air to discuss and debate the topic further. I was happy to do so and despite the time constraints that come with any radio program, I feel like we were able to bring our perspectives before listeners in a way that encourages further study, discussion, prayer and reflection on everyone’s part.

Click on the image below to listen to or download the debate (without commercial interruption):





Feel free to share your thoughts, questions or follow up observations in the comments below.

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