• My Compassion Radio interview on the Holy Land (part 1)

My Compassion Radio interview on the Holy Land (part 1)

Hi Dojo readers.

I hope you’re having a wonderful Advent season. I wanted to share a 2-part interview I did for Compassion Radio regarding the state of Christians in the town of Jesus’ birth, Bethlehem. The Christmas hymns, pageants and church displays stand in stark contrast to the realities on the ground that our brothers and sisters who were born or live in Jesus’ home town regularly face.

Caught between two political/idological extremes, the church in the Holy Land has a unique–and utterly biblical–calling in our world today. My friends at Bethlehem Bible College and Christ at the Checkpoint are doing amazing things there. That is some of what we talked about on this episode.

Take a listen and share it with anyone you know who has a heart for Christians in the Middle East and how God may be working there…

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