• The Book of Genesis in 11 minutes and 18 seconds!

The Book of Genesis in 11 minutes and 18 seconds!

Hi Dojo readers,

Most of you know that I believe the best way to teach and learn the Bible is NOT through memory verses or reading isolated stories or passages from it. Rather, it’s through first putting the “edges of the puzzle” together (see Bible For the Rest of Us if you don’t get that reference!) and getting the big picture…the overview…the 30,000 foot glimpse…the metanarrative…or whatever other term you want to use to describe the overall storyline of Scripture as a whole.

This is what we do each week at Disciple Dojo’s #RuthsChrisBibleStudy (which you are welcome to join every Tuesday at Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse on Fairview Dr. in the Southpark area of Charlotte–lunch is even FREE!), and we film it and post it each week on both the Dojo’s Youtube channel as well as the Dojo Podcast. You should subscribe to them if you haven’t done so already!

So I was very encouraged by a recent project with a similar purpose that my friend and fellow Hebrew Bible geek Carmen Imes share with me last week called The Bible Project. Seriously…go check it out right now and support these guys! They are combining thoughtful Biblical scholarship with gorgeous and creative artistry in order to teach people the overall story of Scripture through a series of visually compelling videos. I just pledged to support them monthly at http://www.jointhebibleproject.com and I encourage others to do likewise.

To see what it’s all about I’ll be sharing these videos here on the Dojo blog from time to time, especially as we continue our #RuthsChrisBibleStudy chapter-by-chapter walk through the Torah (which, again, you can follow along with each week at the Youtube and Podcast links above…HINT HINT!).

So without further ado, here is the entire book of Genesis summarized in 11:18 by The Bible Project:

Pretty awesome, huh?

Parents, these videos are a GREAT way to introduce your children to the story of the Bible!

And if you’d like to go further in a detailed understanding of Genesis 12-50…here is the first Disciple Dojo video from that series, which–again, in case you may have forgotten!–you can follow along with via Youtube and iTunes:

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