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Miscellaneous Gallery

Here is a sample of my work in various media. If you’re interested in buying any originals, contact me for availability and pricing.


I do private commission pieces in order to help fund Disciple Dojo. If you are interested in commissioning a piece, don’t hesitate to contact me via the contact page.  Pricing varies depending on size, media, detail, composition and complexity.  But since I absolutely detest pretentiousness among artists (which didn’t make me very popular in art school! Haha!) I can assure you that what I charge is quite reasonable compared to original custom artwork.


More Disciple Dojo and Art of the Dojo products!

Sales of any product in Disciple Dojo’s Zazzle store go directly to funding the ongoing ministry of Disciple Dojo.


Legal stuff…

Disciple Dojo is organized as a low-profit limited liability company (L3C) recognized by the State of North Carolina.  In contrast to a traditional LLC small business, an L3C is a private business set up so that:

1. It significantly furthers the accomplishment of charitable or educational purpose and
would not have been formed except to further these purposes;
2. Income production or property appreciation is not a significant purpose; and
3. It does not seek to accomplish political or legislative purpose.

As a religious and artistic ministry organization, Disciple Dojo fulfills these requirements. However, unlike with a traditional 501(c)3 charity (which we are too small to qualify as or afford), donations to Disciple Dojo are not tax-deductible under current IRS regulations.

Nevertheless, any profits from the sale of resources, artwork and donations go to support JM in his calling to the ministry of Christian Discipleship and are greatly appreciated!

Those interested in supporting Discple Dojo through donations can send checks to:

Disciple Dojo L3C
13623 Christian Tyler Ct.
Charlotte, NC  28278

Checks should be made out to “Disciple Dojo” and include “Donation” in the subject line.