• Saku


8.5″x11″ Prismacolor on paper
Kazushi Sakuraba is easily the most popular Japanese MMA fighter of all time. Coming out of Japan professional wrestling, Sakuraba was the first Japanese fighter to dominate his opponents in spectacular fashion. He holds the distinction of beating four members of the famous Gracie family in their prime, thus earning the nickname “the Gracie Hunter.” Sakuraba’s bout with Renzo Gracie is legendary and has been immortalized by the iconic photo of the fight-ending submission displayed proudly on the wall at Renzo Gracie Academy in Manhattan!

Print pricing:

8.5×11 = $5 (medium quality color copy)
9×12 = $25 (high quality signed print)
11×14 = $35 (high quality signed print)
16×20= $65 (high quality signed print)

Shipping: $5 (expedited and overnight shipping as well as international shipping available at extra charge)

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