• Count Koma


8.5×11 Prismacolor on paper

Original $200

Mitsuyo Maeda, aka. “Counde Koma” (“Count Combat”), was one of Jigoro Kano’s Judo students who had incorporated a strong ground game into his Judo after witnessing the effectiveness of Fusen Ryu Jujitsu in competition against the Kodokan. Maeda was one of the individuals Kano chose to spread Judo abroad throughout the Americas. While living in Brazil, Maeda ended up teaching his unique form of Judo/Jujitsu to Carlos Gracie and his brothers. The Gracies, particularly the youngest, Helio, adapted this martial art to fit smaller opponents and emphasize controlling positions on the ground. The rest is history…
Print pricing:

8.5×11 = $5 (medium quality color copy)
9×12 = $25 (high quality signed print)
11×14 = $35 (high quality signed print)
16×20= $65 (high quality signed print)

Shipping: $5 (expedited and overnight shipping as well as international shipping available at extra charge)

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    11×14= $35 (high quality signed print)
    I need this ASAP please sir
    Please contact me with how to purchase


    Comment by Sean Foster on April 30, 2014 at 2:58 pm

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    Please contact with purchasing info for Count Koma print


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