• Jigoro Kano


8.5×11 – Prismacolor on paper

Dr. Jigoro Kano is arguably the most important martial artist in history. This diminutive Japanese educator introduced live, yet safe, sparring to his training by removing the “deadly” techniques from older forms of Japanese Jujitsu and focusing on those that could be applied full-force to an unwilling opponent instead of relying on form practice and a willing partner. The result was a total domination of all other Japanese martial arts in competition and the establishment of the Kodokan, the birthplace of Judo. Not content with proving Judo’s effectiveness in Japan only, Kano sent students out all over the world to introduce the art–including Count Koma, who taught a hybrid of Judo & Jujitsu to the Gracies in Brazil. Eventually, Judo would gain the ultimate cultural recognition: inclusion in the Olympics. That such a large shadow was cast by such a small man is a testimony to his genius, tenacity and willingness to adapt to what worked best. Kano truly epitomized the essence of the martial arts.

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