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8.5×11 – Prismacolor

Frankie “The Answer” Edgar is one of the greatest pound-for-pound fighters in the world. The UFC Lightweigh champ is one of the smallest fighters in his division, yet his toughness, durability and heart are what have made him a champion. Trained by such legendary teachers as Renzo Gracie and Ricardo Almeida, Frankie has transitioned from a dominant wrestler into one of the best all around martial artists in the world.

(Art of the Dojo fun fact: You can read about the time I got to train on the same mat alongside Frankie Edgar and other legendary fighters at http://jmsmith.org/blog/ny1. It was incredible!)

Original $250

Print pricing:

8.5×11 = $5 (medium quality color copy)
9×12 = $25 (high quality signed print)
11×14 = $35 (high quality signed print)
16×20= $65 (high quality signed print)

Shipping: $5 (expedited and overnight shipping as well as international shipping available at extra charge)

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