Was the Jesus story based on older pagan mythologies?

"Christianity is just a copy of older pagan religions! Jesus is just Mithra/Horus/Dionysus version 2.0 that Christians copied as the Gospels!" I've heard this claim many ...

Healthy Conversations on Human Sexuality and the Church

Hi Dojo readers, It's been a busy month getting our #Refugee-Jitsu program up and running, and things are going great so far! But I wanted to ...

New Refugee-Jitsu project: The Panther Gi

Hey Dojo readers, So it's been a while since I've been able to post much here on the Dojo blog, because it's been a crazy busy ...

The Book of Genesis in 11 minutes and 18 seconds!

Hi Dojo readers, Most of you know that I believe the best way to teach and learn the Bible is NOT through memory verses or reading ...

Rereading David & Goliath – Part 1: How tall was this giant?

“…just imagine LeBron James in bronze armor and high-tech weapontry coming at a farm implement-wielding Danny DeVito and you’ll have an idea of the dread the average Israelite solder would’ve felt!”

A “TULIP” for non-Calvinists

When it comes to theological pedigree among Protestants, many Christians have been led to believe that the subset of Reformed Theology known as "Calvinism" is ...

Freedom, water, and human dignity (my latest #ArtOfTheDojo project)

Hey Dojo readers, Tomorrow is a BIG day! After a 5 year absence from the sport, my friend Justin "The Big Pygmy" Wren will be returning to ...

Now you can take the Dojo with you anywhere!

Hey gang, I just wanted to let everyone know that the entire Disciple Dojo audio archive will now be available in podcast format at both ...

Gay Marriage vs. Religious Freedom: A proposed solution (part 3)

“Of course it would not satisfy those on both sides who seek full capitulation of everyone else to their way of thinking. Such individuals would continue to demonize those with whom they disagree as either “bigots” or “perverts” (or any number of similar slurs often found in current rhetoric).”

Gay Marriage vs. Religious Freedom: A proposed solution (part 1)

“we decided that it would be good if we were able to put forth a solution to this debate–to introduce something people can be FOR rather than simpy what they are AGAINST.”

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Welcome to Disciple Dojo!

First of all…what’s up with the name “Disciple Dojo”??

Great question! The place where you go to study and train in martial arts is a Dojo. And growing in Christian Discipleship is similar to martial arts training (if you don’t believe me, just ask Paul–he says so himself in 1Cor. 9:26-27!). We have a Sensei (teacher): Jesus. We have a katana (sword): Scripture. Disciple Dojo was founded to be something of a theological dojo–where students of the Master can be sharpened, challenged, equipped and encouraged as they continue to become more and more like the One they serve…minus the scrapes and bruises! (For a more detailed look at Disciple Dojo’s doctrinal beliefs, click here.)

Disciple Dojo exists to engage the culture…


…equip the Church…


…and empower kids in the Charlotte community.


So who is this JM guy and what are his credentials?

James-Michael Smith (M.Div, Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary) is a Bible teacher, speaker, blogger and author. He has taught seminars and short-term courses in Biblical Studies, Christian Thought and Theology in local churches and ministries around the world since 2004.

In addition to writing and teaching, JM is also an artist (AFA, Reinhardt College; BFA, University of Georgia) and lifelong martial artist (Brown Belt, Renzo Gracie Charlotte; 2nd Degree Black Belt, Leadership Martial Arts) who uses both areas of passion to help support the ministry as well as to encourage and equip others who share an interest in the arts, whether visual or martial!


James-Michael is the kind of bible scholar I like: solid in his evangelical commitments and yet willing to challenge some evangelical pre-suppositions. We need more like him as biblical scholarship moves ahead into the 21st Century.

Talbot Davis – Senior Pastor, Good Shepherd United Methodist Church

Standing on a firm theological foundation, JM is able to clearly communicate the timeless truths of the Christian Faith in a way any listener can understand and appreciate. 

David Hickman – Author, Closer Than Close – www.davehickman.org


Disciple Dojo is 501c3 Nonprofit Organization based in Charlotte, North Carolina. As such, all donations are tax-deductible. To donate online, click the button below:

To become a regular monthly “Dojo Donor” click HERE

Those interested in supporting Discple Dojo via check or money order can send donations to:

Disciple Dojo
Attn: Finance Director

13623 Christian Tyler Ct.
Charlotte, NC  28278

Checks should be made out to “Disciple Dojo” and include either “General Funding“, “Ministry” or “RefugeeJitsu” in the memo line, depending on which aspect of the Dojo one prefers their gift be used for.